18 12 2018

Silvair with the first contract to sell the Commissioning Tool, i.e. tools to configure a smart lighting network in the Lighting Control as a Service (LCaaS) model



Silvair Inc., a company offering innovative solutions for the IoT (Internet of Things) area, has signed the first contract to sell the Commissioning Tool (which is an element of the Silvair Platform) with the American component manufacturer Fulham Co. The contract pertains to the provision of tools to configure a smart lighting network based on Bluetooth mesh technology, in the Lighting Control as a Service (LCaaS) model.

Silvair first contract with the Fulham component manufacturer

In the contract, Silvair undertook to provide, operate and maintain a digital tool for designing, configuring and commissioning smart lighting networks (Commissioning) and to provide related services.

On the other hand, Fulham undertakes to provide access to, sell and market tools to configure smart lighting networks and to cooperate with Silvair in the use of lighting devices and components compatible with the Bluetooth mesh technology.

"The first contract to sell the Silvair Commissioning Tool, a complete toolkit for the operation of smart lighting networks in commercial spaces based on Bluetooth mesh technology, is another milestone for the company following its recent debut on the regulated market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Silvair’s cooperation with Fulham opens a new distribution channel on the lighting market, allowing it, in addition to the production of components based on software supplied by Silvair, also to build and run ready-made installations based on those components. Our Partner will offer a complete solution directly to its customers and also support them during the installation of the smart lighting system. At the same time, this contract confirms acceptance of the Bluetooth mesh standard, which is increasingly becoming the preferred technology for professional use in commercial spaces" says Rafał Han, President of Silvair.

Fulham is obliged to pay for the development, provision and maintenance of tools, commissioning of devices with the use of tools, testing of lighting devices and components and for data transfer in cases specified in the contract.

In June this year, Silvair and Fulham signed a contract under which the company granted the partner a non-exclusive license to use Silvair Lighting Firmware and the accompanying tools and services. Fulham is one of the global suppliers of lighting components. Among others, it offers lighting systems dedicated to commercial properties, hospitals, schools or warehouses. Already in March this year, Fulham presented publicly its solutions based on the Bluetooth mesh standard and the Silvair software.

Silvair offers its products on the global market, with special focus on the United States and Western European markets. The Company’s revenues come from the sale of the Silvair Lighting Firmware, from fees for configuration of the lighting infrastructure and subscription fees for provision of services under the Silvair Platform (network monitoring and management or additional IoT services).


About Silvair Inc.

Silvair develops software for the Internet of Things (IoT). Its offering includes, among others, software for smart lighting modules (Silvair Lighting Firmware). Silvair is also working on tools supporting the analysis and use of data collected by sensors installed in lighting systems, which facilitates the provision of new, innovative services, also in the subscription model (Silvair Platform).

Silvair’s solutions are based on the new Bluetooth mesh standard approved in mid-2017. The company’s leading role and the use of its original solutions in the Bluetooth mesh standard development process give it a privileged competitive position in the process of commercializing solutions based on this technology. Silvair intends to operate on the global market, with special focus on the United States and Western Europe.

Silvair has been cooperating with the leading lighting components manufacturers, including such companies as: Murata Manufacturing, McWong International, Alphabet Lighting, Demand Lighting, Danlers, Fulham, Ledeshi, LumEfficient, ERP Power and DG Light.

The company is controlled by its founders: Rafał Han, Szymon Słupik, Adam Gembala and Maciej Witaliński. Three of them also discharge key functions in its management.

Silvair Inc. is incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware (USA) and is based at 717 Market Street, Suite 100, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA.  It has an office in Krakow, which is home to more than 70 people, mainly engineers, developing the Company's technology and products.


IR contact:

Joanna Pydo

Head of Investor Relations

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tel. +48 602 102 734


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