07 05 2019

Silvair to broaden cooperation with McWong International

Silvair Inc., a company offering innovative solutions for the Internet of Things, has expanded its cooperation with the Chinese - American components manufacturer McWong International, Inc. The companies have signed a contract for sale of Silvair Commissioning (an element of the Silvair platform), which includes the provision of tools to configure a smart lighting network based on Bluetooth mesh technology, in the Lighting Control as a Service (LCaaS) model.

In the contract, Silvair undertook to provide, operate and maintain a digital tool for designing, configuring and commissioning smart lighting networks (commissioning) and to provide related services.

On the other hand, McWong undertakes to provide access to, sell and market tools to configure smart lighting networks and to cooperate with Silvair in the use of lighting devices and components compatible with the Bluetooth mesh technology.

„The extension of contract with McWong for sale of our Silvair Commissioning  is a very important step in the cooperation. We are very happy that we are strengthening the distribution channel in which our Partner will offer a complete solution directly to its customers and also support them during the installation of the smart lighting system. We have already signed such agreements with Fulham and most recently with Linmore LED.

In May last year, we finalized contract that includes supply of Silvair’s Firmware for devices and components manufactured by McWong. In the first quarter, McWong completed the first stage of a lighting retrofit at its 2,3 thou. square meters facility in Sacramento. To the best of our knowledge, this is the biggest warehouse implementation of a SIG-qualified Bluetooth mesh lighting network to date” says Rafał Han, President of Silvair.

In April 2018, Silvair and McWong signed a contract under which the company granted the partner a non-exclusive license to use Silvair Firmware and the accompanying tools and services.

McWong International is a Chinese – American lighting and controls solutions provider. For more than 30 years, McWong has designed and manufactured of a high-quality lighting control equipment and related electrical components. With its facilities in both California USA and China, the company offers a comprehensive line of control components for OEMs as well as robust stand-alone solutions for contractors, ESCOs and facility managers seeking to implement energy-saving control solutions.

Silvair offers its products on the global market, with special focus on the United States and Western European markets. The Company’s revenues come from the sale of the Silvair Firmware, from fees for configuration of the lighting infrastructure and subscription fees for provision of services under the Silvair platform (Silvair Commissioning and Monitoring).